Singapore – 5 July 2016 – Big Data Analytics solutions offered by UK-based Fusionex International PLC is set to bring customer preferences to the forefront and improve the marketing strategies of an Asian integrated holiday resort.


Fusionex’s multi award winning advanced Big Data Analytics solution, Fusionex Insights (GIANT) will see a greater deal of Analytics being performed on the Resort’s customer data which would lead to better detection of trends and result in actionable business insights.


The Resort, which contains accommodation, theme park, golfing, shopping and dining facilities, will seek to improve its analysis of customer data to better serve existing guests and future visitors. By employing GIANT, profiles for each customer can be created for a truly personalized holiday experience.


Keeping a profile on each customer leads to a better understanding of their inclinations to the types of food, entertainment and lodging. With that, existing customers could be presented with offers of their preferred holiday options during their stay with the Resort. This type of real-time offers to guests who have already been profiled to enjoy a particular type of holiday option increases the chance the offer would be accepted. This is opposed to a mass bombardment of offer messages to the general guest populace which may not be as effective at best and at worst, become spam or an annoyance to customers. Additionally, real-time marketing of specific offerings to customers would help project the Resort as being attentive and thoughtful to the needs of its guests, thereby bolstering customer relationships and encouraging future visits. With data in hand, more targeted and focused marketing campaigns that suit customers’ preferences can be crafted out to derive more meaningful business value.


GIANT seeks to deliver a captivating experience for guests. To do so, a large amount of data would have to be gathered and analyzed from each of the Resort’s facilities. From check-in to check-out times, frequency of menu items ordered, popularity of theme park rides and even heat-mapping the golf course – all this information and more would help the Resort management uncover patterns, detect common trends and adjust business strategies to make the most out of opportunities presented.


Areas of improvement are other ways in which the Resort can discover by utilizing Fusionex GIANT, in which they could gather and analyze social media posts and reviews of their establishment. Unlike popular five-star ranking or thumbs-up and thumbs-down methods, opinions such as whether room service was slow or theme park ride lines were too long are harder to quantify and would need sentiment analysis to extract any sort of actionable insights from this data. Whilst hotel or restaurant comment cards might not garner much information as visitors may choose not to fill out the cards or overlook them entirely, it is highly likely that guests would post their experiences on social media, thus guaranteeing feedback, both the positive as well as areas of improvements.


Ivan Teh, Fusionex Chief Executive Officer, commented: “The tourism, travel and hospitality industry has been the bedrock of many Asian countries which welcome travelers from all over the world due to their beautiful vistas, warm people and affordable packages. Making the leap into the data age by employing the use of GIANT would serve this industry well considering the amount of guests they handle every year, especially during peak seasons. By reaping actionable insights and identifying trends, industry players will be able to serve their customers better by improving speed and quality, hence setting themselves apart from their competitors as the destination of choice.”