Fusionex International PLC, an award-winning international provider of software specializing in Analytics, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), is pleased to announce a major GIANT multi-year, multi-million dollar contract win in the Philippines.


This win with the client, a Japan based international group, further bolsters Fusionex’s stable of international clients. This major foray is indeed promising in the economically vibrant country of Philippines which is rising in prominence and growth among its geographical counterparts, where its population is currently more than 100 million.


By adopting Big Data Analytics in its operations, the client intends to derive the best insights from its data and use them to fine-tune processes, making its overall business operations run in a more optimized, cost-effective yet profitable manner. Utilizing Fusionex GIANT also provides the client with a powerful data management platform to improve the interactive experience for their customers – with the right data at hand, the client would be able to ascertain popular and preferred products within its many businesses units.


“The high-growth ASEAN region, with its vast amounts of untapped business potential, has always been a key expansion area for Analytics & Big Data,” said Fusionex CEO and Managing Director Ivan Teh. “This GIANT win represents the culmination of unwavering efforts by our team in bringing technological advancement and data analytics software to all corners of the world, and is a testimony that we deliver on that commitment. The client’s adoption of Fusionex GIANT stands to demonstrate the capabilities and improvements the software will bring. We expect that as the client grows with the added advantage that advanced analytics provides, we will grow in our presence as Fusionex expands its footprint within the Philippines.”

Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fusionex-secures-major-giant-win-230000308.html