27 June 2016 – Fusionex, a multi-award-winning, leading software solutions provider specializing in Analytics, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT), has built up an impressive customer base and is showing no signs of slowing down.


To date, Fusionex has notched a record of a 79 wins in total for Fusionex Analytics (GIANT), its end-to-end analytics software, compared with 36 wins in total last year. Fusionex Managing Director Ivan Teh shared that this phenomenal growth in the adoption of Big Data Analytics (BDA), by companies of various sizes, points to the robustness and adaptability of GIANT. Fusionex has a sizeable list of regional and multinational clients who are using GIANT as an integral part of their business processes. Fusionex clients includes amongst others, international chip maker Intel Corporation, global travel and hospitality group Sands, leading food manufacturer YEOS, Tokyo listed Brother Industries, China Light & Power, global media investment company GroupM, real estate group Jones Lang Lasalle, leading property developer UEM Sunrise, Ports Authority of Singapore, giant media group Media Prima, and Air Asia amongst others.


The company has also commenced partnerships to leverage on each party’s strengths to develop and grow functions pertaining to Smart Cities. These functions include tracking disaster risks by geographic location, mapping disease spread, increasing public transport efficiency, remote patient monitoring, emergency services applications, and smart energy grids – all made possible with the power of GIANT.


Teh remarked that the amount of wins accumulated by Fusionex GIANT from a broad range of industries reflects the significance of BDA today, indicating how the processing and analyzing of data is increasingly being viewed as essential to the success of a business. He elaborated how organizations stand to reap numerous benefits from the use of BDA, helping them gain invaluable insight from data.


Teh also explained how the analytics and IoT elements of Fusionex GIANT helped Intel with the maintenance and longevity of their machinery. By utilizing an array of sensors, the physical state of their machines could be accurately ascertained. By way of predictive analytics, a maintenance schedule could be put in place to help prevent machine malfunction and losses due to production downtime. When it came to YEOS, the BDA platform helped the business reap significant benefits including more precise and timely stock management, inventory movement and planning. Compared to static, hard-to-reach records, which were spread across different departments or even different office locations, GIANT’s dependable platform allowed easy access to stock levels, delivery times, and customer orders. By adopting GIANT in its day-to-day operations, YEOS is now able to track buying trends from a monthly basis to weekly, daily, and even hourly basis.


It becomes very evident, looking at Fusionex’s growth history, that the company is set to thrive through the coming years with greater success. Thanks to the consistent growth of GIANT’s adoption in a multitude of industries, Fusionex is in a good position to reach and potentially surpass its goal towards growing GIANT customer accounts by 10x over the coming years.


“Every additional adoption of Fusionex GIANT that we undertake with a new organization in any industry further reinforces the fact that Big Data Analytics has so much more to offer. This enormous increase of GIANT wins in the last 18 to 24 months really excites us; it represents the culmination of persistent efforts by our team here at Fusionex, the quality of the product, as well as the strong support and confidence that our clients have in our state of the art platform.”


Looking at the sharp increase of GIANT enterprise client wins over the last few months, Fusionex looks poised towards increasing its growth momentum and scaling greater heights in the rapidly growing Data Analytics space.


Source: http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/06/154932/fusionex-analytics-giant-charts-record-high-customer-wins?d=1