December 1, 2015 – Fusionex, an award-winning international provider of software specializing in Analytics, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), is pleased to announce that it has secured yet another win for Fusionex Insights (GIANT); this time with a regional patent registration office in Asia.


Tasked with strengthening intellectual property laws and providing comprehensive yet useful information on intellectual property, the client with its present structure receives in the region of 50,000 patent applications every year.


The office, which is responsible for the evaluation of received applications before approving them, would divide and categorize registrations into patents, copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications and integrated circuit layout designs.


The amount of applications received by the patent office has been seeing double digit growth every year. Due to the heavy (and increasing) volume and variety of (semi-structured and unstructured) applications received coupled with the need to issue certifications to successful applicants within stipulated timeframes, the work processes of the client is anticipated to benefit immensely from the use of Fusionex GIANT. Immediate benefits include a more comprehensive overview and insights of applicants, approvals, locales, possible duplicates/conflicts and industries with a broader and more comprehensive insight and foresight (to anticipate the load and other scenarios). Prior to Fusionex GIANT, this was not possible based on the client’s current methods of data compilation.


Moving away from the rote usage of presentation slides, Fusionex GIANT will offer enhanced visualization and advanced analytics that correspond to each respective chart’s movement when queried/edited. Real-time information would be accessible via easy-to-understand dashboards, which can be used by people at all levels instead of just being limited to technical folks.


More importantly, users at the client’s office will be able to delve deeper into their datasets and discover useful trends to streamline their work processes and decision making. This, in turn, can be transformed into actionable insights to derive business value. For example, they might find an increasing interest that’s trending toward filing of patents in the automobile sector, or the green energy sector, thus indicating a growing interest in a particular area.


This contract win is significant in that it further solidifies Fusionex’s strength and growing reputation in assisting, not only businesses with physical products, but also clients that have intellectual property, filings (and volumes of unstructured data) at their core. With Fusionex GIANT, the Client will now be able to offer value and insight from an evaluation, certification, and records-keeping and approval standpoint, thus bringing the information and data-driven age to the forefront.


Ivan Teh, Fusionex Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We are delighted with this win. The Client has helped many people in the complex field of Intellectual Property over the years and we are excited at the prospect of working together with them to address their data challenges. This win further underpins the significant and accelerating adoption rate of Fusionex GIANT, which has transformed businesses in amazing ways. We are confident and look forward to a great success story.”