Fusionex, an international provider of software specialising in Analytics, Big Data and the Internet of Things (“IoT”), is delighted to announce that it has secured its first win for its Big Data Analytics software, Fusionex Insights (GIANT), in the fast-growing medical analytics market.


The contract is with a multi-facility hospital, based in Asia, which provides medical and rehabilitative services ranging from dermatology to psychiatry, nephrology, cardiology and rheumatology.


With a customer charter that promises safe and quality patient care, the hospital’s processes and procedures are set to take a leap into the data-driven age with Fusionex GIANT. Using GIANT to compile a personalised database of patients is a key benefit for the client, as its legacy systems can no longer cope with the number, variety, nor the complexity, of patient cases and profiles. Furthermore, personalised databases offer better insights for doctors to recommend and prescribe treatments for patients even before they are admitted.


In addition, the connecting of various medical instruments and appliances via IoT helps record machine usage, manage costs and prevent misuse. As the hospital has an internal KPI of treating critical cases immediately and semi-critical cases within 30 minutes, the usage of Fusionex GIANT will help optimise staff efficiency levels to ensure that sufficient medical officers are on standby without affecting staff morale or costs.


To keep up with the spread of infections and stem outbreaks before they happen, Fusionex GIANT will also be used to provide the insight and foresight needed to track disease transmission among patients. The risks associated with that such as the recent Ebola virus in West Africa will be better managed with better data management. Furthermore, Fusionex’s high levels of data security will enhance and protect the handling of patients’ sensitive data.


Servicing a booming population, Big Data Analytics tools such as biometrics are a key means towards better understanding patients and their ailments. Moreover, they also afford doctors and the hospitals the ability to identify patterns among patients of similar attributes, symptoms, demographics as well as find important correlations to make more well informed / suitable prescriptions. As this contract demonstrates, Fusionex is well placed to benefit from the fast-growing uptake of Big Data Analytics in the healthcare market, with GIANT providing actionable insights in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand format.


Ivan Teh, Fusionex Chief Executive Officer, commented:


“The client is committed towards serving a growing populace by employing innovative equipment and technologies. We are thrilled to be working with them to make the most of their data and make a bigger impact in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.


This win by Fusionex GIANT demonstrates the efficacy and value of advanced analytics as well as the Internet of Things to businesses. We anticipate more success stories in the healthcare industry which continues to be an important sector of focus where efficiency, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics are concerned.”


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