Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — November 26, 2015 — The TRIUM CARD, which is a loyalty programme powered by international software provider Fusionex for established fashion brands including nichii, kitschen and dressingpaula, celebrated its first year anniversary recently.

Launched in August 2014, the Trium Card Loyalty Programme now has more than 122,000 members – a testament to its usefulness and convenience. The TRIUM Card can be obtained in physical card form as well as an application on the Apple App Store, Android Google Play and the website triumcard.com.


With ease of use (especially on a mobile device), it is no wonder why the TRIUM CARD app has been so well-received by shoppers of the retail brands under the TRIUM umbrella.


Under the TRIUM CARD Loyalty Programme, which is powered by the loyalty module under Fusionex’s Intelligence Data Management Platform, members are able to earn one point for every RM1 spent in participating merchants’ stores. Additional points can also be given out during special offer periods. The unique innovation of the system powering TRIUM CARD enables existing members to enjoy exclusive one-day 2X points in conjunction with the programme’s first anniversary celebration.


With mobile gadgets being an indispensable part of our daily lives, consumers are finding a loyalty programme based around a mobile app to be infinitely more convenient for gaining or redeeming points at the cashier. The TRIUM CARD Loyalty Programme has also been an invaluable asset for the retailers to broadcast new promotions as and when they are rolled out.


To constantly keep their brands in the public eye, the app has been a useful tool for the fashion brands to notify their members of fresh happenings and events. Some of the promotions include exclusive opportunities given to TRIUM CARD members to shop at new store locations.


In conjunction with its first anniversary, the Trium Card Loyalty Programme gave back to its loyal customers by awarding a RM300 TRIUM e-Voucher to each of their Top 20 TRIUM CARD shoppers. The second tier of the 30 Top Shoppers were awarded with RM100 TRIUM e-Vouchers each.


For Nichii, kitschen and dressingpaula, this programme affords them the ability to reward their registered members coupled with the fact that the loyalty of each shopper can be determined by the system. The top and most frequent shoppers can then be graded into different tiers and rewarded accordingly. The Fusionex powered Loyalty Software System enables customer insights such as who the most loyal customers are, help retailers understand customer spending patterns, frequency and preferences in order to uncover and anticipate sales trends.


Upon accumulation of 500 TRIUM CARD points by members, a RM50 e-Voucher is rewarded to them. By incentivizing shoppers using this method, the e-Voucher is akin to a points-for-cash and attractive mechanism for new or existing customers.


In order to enable additional interaction with customers via a points reward system and -advertising of promotional periods, Fusionex’s Loyalty System can be further enhanced with Fusionex’s Big Data Analytics technology stack, Fusionex Insights (GIANT).


Coupled with GIANT, the system provides data analysis to merchants who can identify useful trends in consumer spending and transaction spikes during promotional periods. Retailers would then be able to leverage such data for more informed business planning. By rewarding consumers and empowering merchants, the system provides a holistic approach towards enhancing the retail industry.


“We are very happy that we have found like-minded people in the Fusionex team who are very clear of where we want to head; this has definitely contributed to the success of the TRIUM CARD and as you can see today we are over 120,000 members strong,” said Tan Ai Lee, Head of Marketing for NFC Clothier.


Tan continued, “I think one of the key factors, apart from the fact that Fusionex comes with very strong credentials, is definitely the team behind Fusionex. Whenever we look for partners, we are very particular about whoever we work with. We tend to look for a solid team who can work hand-in-hand with us as a partner, to bring the programme to the next level. I really believe that we will move on very far from here. Both companies share a vision and we are very focused in delivering the best to and for the people.”


“First of all I would like to congratulate TRIUM for a fantastic first anniversary of its programme. The experience so far has been excellent and we are very excited to see the success of this programme,” said James Houng, Senior Vice President of Fusionex. “I am ecstatic to see its momentum and progress and we will continue to maintain our commitment towards the continuous success of this programme.”


Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/first-anniversary-cheer-fusionex-powered-230000294.html