Multi-award-winning AI and Big Data technology market leader Fusionex signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SPPZ (Pertubuhan Komuniti Sokong Peniaga Pembayar Zakat), an initiative under PPIM (Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia), to develop and support their e-commerce marketplace platform. The introduction of this platform will help a multitude of Halal-compliant businesses to enter the online space and embrace the digital economy.

The MoU was signed by SPPZ Chairman Dato’ Nadzim Johan and Fusionex Business Development Director Saiful Hayaz Abu Bakar. The signing ceremony was witnessed by the SPPZ management team and Fusionex Managing Director for Enterprise & Public Sector Chua Yu Ye.

Amidst these uncertain and challenging times brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, local SMEs are at risk of permanent closure as the public faces restrictions in their ability to visit retail premises. In a bid to digitalize Malaysian entrepreneurs and make it part of the nation’s culture of purchasing local goods, SPPZ hopes to expand sales channels, increase brand awareness, boost sales revenue, and enable the protection and guarantee on Halal compliance products through the introduction of the e-commerce platform.

“We believe our local products are not only the best in terms of health and safety but also from a Halal-certified point of view as Malaysia is a Halal hub for over 46 countries.  This platform stretches beyond just consumers, retailers and purchasers as its holistic nature encompasses all aspects of the economy, allowing all who come onboard to be a part of the digital economy. With value-added features such a Halal Information, Zakat Calculation, World NGOs Link, and Youth Sharing, among others, this platform has the potential to bestow great benefits on a global level,” said Dato’ Nadzim.

By providing the technological backbone for the e-commerce marketplace, Fusionex will allow SME owners to seamlessly enter the virtual realm and grow their businesses, thus, overcoming present-day challenges and other obstacles that may crop up in the future. This platform can also empower businesses by granting them the ability to streamline their processes, focus on personalization, leverage AI and reach untapped markets.

“We are excited to be collaborating with SPPZ in their bid to introduce, cultivate and sustain Malaysian SMEs through e-commerce. In these trying times, digital transformation is no longer merely an abstract concept but a realistic necessity that businesses need to embrace if they are to persevere. I believe the shift from physical store to borderless e-commerce marketplace, as a response to the Covid-19 crisis, will help businesses outlast the crisis we are currently in.  I would also like to applaud SPPZ for taking the initiative to support Halal compliant entrepreneurs as it will provide them with the much-needed tools and resources required to digitalize their business and reap the rewards of growth and success,” said Fusionex Managing Director for Enterprise & Public Sector Chua Yu Ye.