KUALA LUMPUR, 22 June 2022: The Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) is pleased to launch MATTA Online, a new AI-powered cutting-edge 24/7 online travel marketplace and platform for MATTA members comprising travel agents and tour operators working hand-in-hand with hotels, airlines, attractions, theme parks and other tourism providers. In line with Malaysians’ increased demand for overseas and domestic travel, the platform allows MATTA members to sell directly to consumers.

MATTA Online is one of MATTA’s key recovery initiatives designed to help its members reach out directly to a much wider online consumer demographic and, unlike many other online marketplaces, will focus specifically on travel and tourism products.

“This platform will serve the best needs of travelers—both Malaysians and foreigners alike—and will give tourism players, especially MATTA members a clear and distinct advantage in the online travel space. It will also put the control of the Malaysian tourism industry back in the hands of Malaysians,” said YB Dato’ Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia who presented and officiated the launch ceremony.

“MATTA Online is Malaysia’s pioneering travel agent and tour operator marketplace and sourcing hub. It is set to improve business opportunities, increase occupancy, bolster revenue generation and boost travel trade profitability,” said Datuk Tan Kok Liang, President of MATTA.

“Travel agents and tour operators play a crucial role in promoting tourism by packaging tourism products and services from every segment of the tourism industry and, on top of that, providing invaluable value-added services to consumers. Through MATTA Online, we are now going to be able to make all of these benefits available to a wider audience.”

“To have this successful marketplace, we have been working tirelessly and are proudly announcing our collaboration with our Technology Partner, Fusionex, the largest data technology company in the region, as well as an established multi-award-winning data technology market leader specializing in Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence,” said Tan.

The platform, positioned as a key strategic asset to the industry, is designed to facilitate and grow smart public-private partnerships by providing a tool for both national and state government agencies conduct strategic promotional campaigns whilst at the same time directly supporting tourism industry stakeholders at a fraction of the cost.

“We are deeply honored to be MATTA’s technology partner and support their efforts to cater to all travel and tourism needs, as well as help the industry recuperate, rebuild and become more resilient through cutting-edge digital technology. This partnership is made possible based on our shared vision, which focuses on creating incredible experiences for customers and generating more value for MATTA, their members and the overall community,” said Fusionex Group CEO Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh.

“This synergy will enable MATTA to further drive innovation in Malaysia’s travel and tourism space by empowering local travel agents and tourism operators to meet customer demand, expand market reach, amplify business opportunities and improve revenue generation. We look forward to a long-lasting, resilient and mutually supportive cooperation in a bid to not only help the industry recover from the devastating effects of COVID-19 but also flourish and thrive as we move into the next normal,” said Teh.

Industry players on the ground have relayed positive feedback of many tour bookings made and are expecting international tourist figures to hit five million people by the end of this year.

With the government’s latest announcement for the resumption of international travel, its efforts to promote Malaysia as a safe travel destination and MATTA’s launch of this new platform, the travel and tourism players have responded positively and are eager to promote their products and attractions. This is a timely shot in the arm for the Malaysian travel and tourism industry.


Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2022/06/24/matta-launches-online-travel-marketplace