Multi-award-winning AI and Big Data technology leader Fusionex joins forces with local social enterprise Batik Boutique to repurpose the sewing center’s industrial cutter and skilled tailors to commence production of personal protection equipment (PPE) for doctors, nurses and frontline healthcare workers who tirelessly strive to keep our nation safe.

The PPE being produced are in accordance with the strict health and safety regulations outlined by the Ministry of Health so as to be effective in shielding users from the coronavirus.

“After realizing there was a PPE shortage, we got involved by setting up a production line here at Batik Boutique. Fusionex has been a great corporate sponsor as they have joined us to provide a livelihood for the seamstresses we work with and, more importantly, provide safety for medical personnel fighting the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Batik Boutique CEO Amy Blair.

This partnership is centered around producing PPEs (isolation gowns, boots and head covers) for front-liners, and have been sent to social impact organization Me.Reka for sanitization. Being medical equipment used to meet and treat patients, the sanitization process will ensure that the PPE meet the highest standard of hygiene and safety.

“As a social enterprise, we can’t do this alone. I would like to thank Fusionex for their support as it enables us to work together with other like-minded organizations like Batik Boutique to make PPE donations to Hospital Selayang and Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, this helps sustain the income of marginalized communities, who would otherwise not have any income during this time of crisis,” said Me.Reka CEO Gurpreet Singh Dhillon.

As no vaccine has been developed yet, healthcare workers continue to test large numbers of patients on a daily basis, which has resulted in PPE supplies depleting at a rapid rate. One of the beneficiaries receiving this donation is Hospital Kuala Lumpur, who requires more than 500 units of PPE per day, which they will be putting to immediate use in the frontlines.

“We want to ensure that our healthcare workers are protected as our main worry is asymptomatic patients. Having these PPE allows us to be better equipped to handle current and future Covid-19 cases. On behalf of Hospital Kuala Lumpur, we want to thank donors, especially Fusionex, for providing us with the PPE to help in this fight against Covid-19,” said Hospital Kuala Lumpur Emergency Room Physician Dr Raymond George Varughese.

“Without the right preventative equipment, our frontline healthcare workers and first responders are at a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus and this could put a strain on our healthcare workforce. We hope that our contribution will help protect our frontline heroes, who put their health on the line every day, for the sake of the nation. Fusionex will also continue to contribute in any and every way possible to support initiatives such as these as well as the courageous people who give it their all to treat and help our communities through these extraordinary times,” said Fusionex Group CEO Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh.

A representative from Fusionex and Batik Boutique delivering the personal protective equipment (PPE) to Dr Raymond George Varughese from Hospital Kuala Lumpur