Multi-award-winning AI and Big Data technology leader Fusionex has clinched a contract to help provide a consolidated insight-driven digital platform for a national group of companies that can be leveraged across all its disparate businesses.

Renowned for its chain of 24-hour mini supermarkets, the client is a nationwide group of companies that encompasses an extensive network of industries and sectors, including food and beverage retail, ecommerce, hospitality, home furnishing, personal care and real estate development, among others.

The shock of the current global crisis is weighing heavily on organizations across the globe as it has forced a sudden shift from physical to digital. Companies are now in a race to adapt to the new normal that has been thrust upon them, which involves accelerating the utilization of digital technologies to bridge the gap between the physical and digital realm.

Leveraging Fusionex’s AI-powered customer engagement platform, the technology helps generate more leads with the goal of increasing new and repeat sales. This platform will also advance the efficiency and quality of customer experience, which is now delivered digitally in a seamless manner.

In addition, the client will also have the ability to analyze crucial information amid the vast volumes of data to help guide their decision-making and strategic planning efforts. This endeavor will bring forth fresh value to the client’s customer engagement experience, introducing new ways of delivering personalized user interaction as well as a robust AI-powered targeted marketing engine.

The client will also be able to leverage on the platform’s AI capabilities to perform predictive and prescriptive analytics to uncover new discoveries and recognize the value of various consumer trends. With this information, they would be able to predict and mold customer behavior, measure marketing campaign success, recognize and rectify underperforming processes and scale operations across the nation.

This cutting-edge platform makes it easier for the client to seize sales opportunities, realign digital strategies in response to changes in the market, and capture better upselling and cross-selling prospects to a more accurately targeted and receptive consumer base. Through proactive engagement, the client now has the means of communicating to their customers at the right time and frequency, utilizing the right channel, with the right resonating message.

“Having in their possession a wealth of business knowledge and experience, the client understands that commerce is more than just sales and revenue. It is about a fulfilling customer experience. This is a belief shared by Fusionex. As such, we are implementing a data-driven digital platform for the client to identify key opportunities with predictive and prescriptive features; provided in a seamless, efficient and integrated manner. It is our hope that through this initiative, the client will be able to deliver a more streamlined, holistic and rewarding digital experience to their end customers,” said Fusionex Group CEO Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh.