Open Data contract win


Fusionex, a leading international software provider specialising in Analytics, Big Data and the Internet of Things (“IoT”), is pleased to announce a multi-year, million dollar contract win for Fusionex Insights (GIANT) with a government agency from the Asian region tasked with developing information and communications technology (ICT) in the public sector.


For this initiative, GIANT will be used to further the agency’s ‘Open Data’ initiative to achieve increased transparency, accountability and accessibility to government data that is not confidential nor sensitive. ‘Open Data’ is gaining prominence internationally and this win again demonstrates GIANT’s abilities to manage data in an efficient and user-friendly way to support public sector effectiveness.


The agency’s decision to use GIANT brings a number of benefits, including resolving issues which the agency has been unable to address until now. Firstly, GIANT is able to manage the disparate databases and file formats easily and on an automated basis, improving the agency’s workflow, eliminating manual inputting errors and ensuring that the system is scalable in order to handle the growing amounts of data being collected.


In addition to enhancing transparency and accountability, it is also important for the agency to maintain the integrity of its sensitive data. GIANT’s capabilities in managing data will enable the agency to safeguard sensitive data effectively, using GIANT to establish the suitability of information released to the public, and plan the release of such data to the public in a measured and accurate manner. Confidential and sensitive information will naturally still be treated with care to prevent leakage, theft and misuse.


Furthermore, GIANT will help the agency upgrade its systems to allow various other ministries and agencies within the public sector to supply and extract information easily, effectively and rapidly. To cultivate an innovative culture, the same publicly available data will also be accessible to create business applications to solve problems and address different challenges.


Looking ahead, the use of GIANT will enable monitoring of changes in trends, patterns and statistics; insights, predictions and prescriptions can be made via GIANT’s cognitive computing. As part of its deployment, GIANT will be used to improve the agency’s interactions with the public, including its complaints process. Not only will GIANT manage and integrate data more swiftly, streamlining the procedures considerably, it will also be used to derive trends from past interactions and predictive analytics to foresee and prevent potential issues before they happen.


Ivan Teh, Fusionex Chief Executive Officer, commented:


“We are proud to be able to fast-track this agency to becoming a modern, agile organisation that is able to employ cutting edge technology for greater success. This win is an important step towards promoting the use of Open Data and greater transparency and consolidating Fusionex GIANT with the agency’s substantial data infrastructure will result in important insights for the client.


With Open Data gaining momentum in Asia, we see this as a considerable growth area and we are excited to be involved in this initiative, contributing to the betterment of the information ecosystem as a whole.”


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