oneclick AG has partnered with Fusionex, an IT software group that specialises in analytics and Big Data, to deliver efficiency and cost savings for enterprise systems integrators by imbuing state-of-the-art analytics capabilities to enhance oneclick’s platform.

The partnership will see Fusionex’s award winning analytics and Big Data software integrated into oneclick AG’s platform for the automated and secure deployment of digital workspaces.

The solution allows system integrators and administrators to gain insights into app usage such as how much they are being used, who is using them and for how long. These insights allow IT teams to identify where savings can be made so their back end processes can be consolidated in such a way to not incur extra costs through licensing.

Dominik Birgelen, CEO of oneclick, said: “The entire point of introducing a digital workspace is to deliver efficiency through flexibility and connectivity, and thereby saving money. Analyzing app usage is a major part of meeting these objectives so we are delighted to strengthen our capabilities in this area.

“It is our goal to deliver cost savings and efficiencies through the automated and secure deployment of digital workspaces, and our partnership with Fusionex brings us one step closer to making this a reality for all businesses.”

The integration will go live on oneclick’s platform during the company’s next release cycle in June.

Andy Jackson, Fusionex Director of Solutions, said: “Our business is to help clients manage, make sense of and derive useful insights and information from the vast amounts of structured and unstructured data at their disposal. Our partnership and integration within oneclick’s digital workspace platform will allow us to help businesses manage their app usage data in smarter and more beneficial ways.”