According to Fusionex’s Regional Director Edward Lim, the conversations around big data and analytics have shifted from being about technology ten years ago, to business outcomes now. In a way this is reflected in business trends today – the business aspect of organisations in some parts around the world are becoming more involved in IT budget decisions.

Lim said, “We were talking about technology at that time. But this evolved to tools, platforms, appliances and now applications. And Fusionex is focused on applications.”

Growing scope of business intelligence

Something else that is happening in the data world is the scope of analytics. Lim described, “Business intelligence and big data analytics are different ways of doing the same thing.”

In fact, big data analytics could be likened to business intelligence on steroids. Data sets that are analysed are larger, more varied and the purpose of it all is to gain insights and foresights as opposed to just hindsight with business intelligence.

“Fusionex’s value proposition is providing big data analytics (BDA) apps and delivering big results to customers… via technology, we make it easy to use so that customers can get better answers.”

He explained that Fusionex works on data management platforms like Cloudera’s to build tools and platforms that make it easier for businesses to self-discover.


Another value proposition that Fusionex offers is localisation. The BDA solutions provider also serves big MNCs that come to this region with local understanding of the markets that they operate in and the local constraints they will face.

“That’s our unique advantage when compared to a global company,” Lim said adding that all these local knowledge are offered as a consulting service.

Malaysia serves as a research and development hub for Fusionex and is base for over 400 consultants in different roles ranging from software and infrastructure engineering and data scientists to business domain experts and even SME subject matter experts.

All in all, Fusionex has over 500 consultants around the region and Australia. This number is still growing.

Already active in verticals like travel and hospitality, retail, financial services, telecommunications and manufacturing, Lim shared that Fusionex wants to broaden their existing portfolio of customers.

“And as big data analytics technologies evolve, we want to keep one step ahead of it and humanise it as we bring it to our customers,” he said.


One of the ways they have done this is with the announcement of Fusionex Vision, a community technology preview (CTP) of an enhanced offering that is built upon Cloudera’s data management and analytics platform.

Vision features key enhancements for customers from any background, training and industry to streamline, analyse and discover real-time insights with data. It now also boasts richer visualisation, increase user intuitive design, natural language processing (NLP), powerful machine learning and key components of artificial intelligence.

Cloudera collaborates closely with Fusionex, giving it access to their own product development, engineering, market intelligence and research and development teams.

Lim explained, “We are flexible in terms of underlying data platform we can use. Cloudera is our main one but if customers particularly prefer another, we can build that into the entire project that we deliver.”

He also added that options like Microsoft Azure’s and Amazon Web Services’s data analytics platforms can also be plugged in as alternatives to Cloudera’s platform.

This appears to be a formula that works as Lim shared, “Fusionex is one of the leading big data analytics companies from Malaysia that has regional presence. We have delivered good results and outcomes to our customers.”