Fusionex powering marketing intelligence and insights for leading ride-hailing company with Big Data Analytics


Fusionex, a multi award-winning, leading data technology company specializing in Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, has won a contract to provide a leading international ride-hailing company with a solution to ramp up their marketing intelligence, as well as provide insights and recommendations into the effectiveness of their efforts.


The client has and continues to tackle transportation challenges across multiple countries and provides commuting solutions to drivers and passengers. Their mobile app has millions of downloads, as well as millions of drivers recorded on their network.


Gathering all of the client’s information into one data pool has become highly imperative. Tracking their marketing activities in the past has also been challenging due to the scattered nature of the data which continues to increase and multiply as more people adopt and frequent their app. Operating across numerous locations, the client’s data is also stored in different formats and needs to be cleansed for proper analysis to be conducted.


Fusionex will provide data management and analytics capabilities for the client through their latest Big Data Analytics solution Fusionex GIANT 2017. Via GIANT, details such as budget and expenditure data can be consolidated. Within a central repository, the compiled data can easily be accessed without overt delay or latency.


The provision of a centralized data platform will allow the client to easily track marketing expenditure while maintaining a high level of security and control on their proprietary intelligence. Analyzing their data will allow the client to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and promotional efforts. The client will be able to focus on their return on investments and identify the areas (e.g. media channels, promotional activities or events) to focus their spending on, and whether the returns commensurate with their expenditure etc.


Fusionex is also collaborating with the client to analyze market sentiments about their organization and ride-hailing app. The collaborative roadmap will also see more types of data – such as sales, booking, and cancellation data – being captured along the road of this initiative, in order for the client to be better informed, providing them with the information to make better, more insightful, business decisions in the long run. The data platform is also powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), allowing even non-technical personnel to perform data analysis simply by asking questions.


Ivan Teh, Fusionex Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We are ecstatic at the opportunity to augment the client’s ride-hailing marketing and promotional operations. This win demonstrates the ability for Big Data Analytics to impact a wide range of industries, including that of transportation, marketing, customer service, as well as mobile applications.”


Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fusionex-inks-deal-leading-ride-230000382.html